New Trail Open in “Our Backyard”

Caribou Lake has many outdoor enthusiasts and I often see neighbors who regularly walk, jog, or bike with their families and pets down the well-used pavement on Sunny and Shady Lanes. I am sure many other roads around the lake get used frequently as well, so it is nice to have a new off-road option to explore. The Industrial Road One-Mile Loop Trail is now open for hikers and bikers. The trailhead is located at 5594 Industrial Road and has ample signage and parking.

Venturing out on a recent windy day with the kids and dogs, we had a very enjoyable hike in the woods getting further away from the blustery lake wind. The trail is still a bit rough and appropriate footwear is recommended (flip-flops/sandals would not be your best option) to navigate the still exposed rocks, stumps, sticks, and roots. This is part of the fun of getting off-road and the kids and dogs enjoyed the challenge of new terrain. We spent about 45-minutes exploring the loop on foot; however, I believe this could be done quicker with less exploration and more purposeful walking!

The Canosia Township Article notes that the trail was roughed-in late fall 2019 going into the spring of 2020 with help from volunteers, Waste Wood Recyclers and funding from a Proctor School District recreation referendum funds. They also note that the trail is still a work in progress and want feedback on trail use, improvement ideas, and volunteer opportunities.

For a new adventure and activity that is still close to the lake, enjoy exploring the One-Mile Loop Trail in “Our Backyard.” As always, be a good neighbor and clean up after yourself and your pets.

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