Weed Cutting Area Maps

Weed cutting map reflects changes implemented in 2013. Association requested to increase an area of weed harvesting and this request was granted by DNR. Each and every year CLA applies for weed harvesting permit and can legally harvest (cut) weeds the day after July 4th through Labor Day, subject of finding hired weed harvester operators and/or volunteers willing to help with the job.

Weed Cutting Map Circa 2004

Important codes to know:
Grid looking emblem (apm_cut) signifies areas, where weed harvesting is permitted;
Dots looking emblem (apm_no_cut) signifies areas, where weed harvesting is prohibited.

Please refer to Weed Cutting Map to locate weed harvesting areas.
Weed Cutting Map Circa 2013

Caribou Lake Map below will help property owners to determine a location of their property with correspondent weed harvesting area and figure out if weed harvesting is permitted in a particular location.
Caribou Lake Map

40 years old weed cutter previously owned and used by CLA.

New weed harvester purchased in 2018 and placed in operation in June 2019