Flora and Fauna

Our beautiful lake and its surrounding area has a lot to offer – from abundance of different plants to a variety of wildlife. Please sent us interesting pictures of plants and animals with a short description, identifying species and place it was taken on our lake to webmaster@cariboulake.org.

Flora In The Lake

Variety of water lilies at the Bay (Shady Ln & Kehtel Rd)
Variety of water lilies in a bay.

Jewelweed – From the Shoreline

Flora Around The Lake

Wild Blue Flag Iris

Lady Slipper – Found on North Shady Lane and end of Sunny Lane “boggy” areas.

Fungi – Also Known As Chicken Of The Woods

Calla Plant: Common around the lake

Fern – Found all around the lake

Forget Me Not: Common around the lake

Fauna In/On The Lake

Wildlife sightseeing at the Bay – muskrat, woodpecker, turtles & ducks.

Fauna Around The Lake

From a trail camera towards the end of Sunny Lane, we have documentation from many wilderness visitors around the lake. Additionally, there are many common visitors surrounding the lake you might recognize that don’t require a trail camera to capture.





American Toad: