Caribou Lake Navigation Buoy & Marker References

The buoys/markers have been removed for the 2020 season. The following includes information on the GPS coordinates for location taken during the removal. Note, this is for informational purposes and reference only for residents and visitors of Caribou Lake. Safe and observant boating practices are the responsibility of the watercraft operator.

Buoy Marker 1 of 4 (Rocks):

Latitude: 46.896442 (N 46°53’47.19240″)

Longitude: -92.299953 (W 92°17’59.82999″)

Buoy Marker 2 of 4 (Rocks):

Latitude: 46.899580 (N 46°53’58.48652″)

Longitude: -92.308867 (W 92°18’31.92197″)

Buoy Marker 3 of 4 (Shallow Area):

Latitude/Longitude: Coming Soon

A new marker buoy was added the summer of 2021 to the North Shady Bay area towards the Correction Center’s Work-farm area where the water levels drop significantly. The summer was especially low and at placement the marker buoy was at 14 inches of water depth.

Buoy Markers 4 of 4 (Swimming Area):

Latitude/Longitude: Coming Soon

Marker buoys also designate the Caribou Lake Public Beach swimming area.

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