This page was been created to address the issues mentioned in “Suggestions” field of 2017 CLA membership form. Suggestions and answers/solutions would be posted on continuing basis, as it is a work in progress.

  • Find a better way to get rid of weeds, have heard there are other options.

There are 4 known ways to control aquatic weeds:

1) Mechanical cutting (in use by CLA for many years) offers immediate short-term control. Extended control can be achieved by cutting on continual basis.

2) Biological control uses weed eating fish, animals, insects. Slow to produce results, subject to more research and study.

3) Water drain down, especially during winter months, is effective on submerged weeds – Unrealistic for our lake size.

4) Chemical control can be effective, however long-term eradication of larger infestation is unlikely and could be expensive. To treat areas in our lake, usually managed by mechanical cutting, would potentially cost no less than 264.5K and possibly more depending on chosen chemical agent. It is unattainable goal to spend ¼ million dollars annually, even if CLA could get an appropriate permit.

  • Unfit living conditions next door to us! Yard clean up. As always, get residents to clean up their junk, garbage, eyesores.

Certainly, conscientious effort should be made by lake residents to keep their properties clean. To the best of CLA knowledge Canosia township is  addressing this issue through adopting an anti-blight ordinance in the nearest future and Saint Louis County, under which jurisdiction Grand Lake township part of Caribou Lake falls, is in a process of assigning a deputy officer to reinforce adherence to the rules. Please refer to your local government websites for more information.

  • Get rid of the weeds. It’s so bad I can hardly run the pontoon.

Weed cutting season starts after July 4th and runs through Labor Day. Weed cutting DNR permit for 2018 is obtained. All efforts would be made to start weed cutting this year as soon as possible.

  • Less bright yard lights. Use shielded lighting to direct light where needed only. Enjoy the night skies and northern lights.

CLA hopes that lake residents would be respectful of this suggestion and recommends implementing it on ongoing basis.

  • … it would be a good idea to put trash containers on the ice off the Kehtel Road point. I’m tired of picking up garbage on the ice. I have never seen ice garbage so bad!

CLA officers will contact local government in Canosia township to see what possibly can be done to resolve this issue. Update as of 7/2/18 – Canosia town board would help to resolve this problem, providing trash receptacle during ice-fishing season. Thanks a lot to Canosia town board!

  • My 86-year-old mom might be interested in being part of a group to talk about Caribou in the olden days.

CLA would love to create Caribou Lake Historical group, however volunteers passioned about local history will be needed. Please contact CLA officers if you interested in starting the group.

  • City sewer (and water). A central sewage system is needed. Sewer all around! Start doing a survey to study public proposals about a sewer system.

Questions about possibility of having sewer around Caribou Lake were asked during Canosia township meeting on 7/2/18. Possibility of having sewer system around Caribou Lake is very remote one, 10-20 years in the future. It is not in WLSSD plans at present time. However, Caribou Lake property owners are encouraged to petition their local governments (Canosia township, Grand Lake township) requesting sewer system around parts of the lake, currently having none (Birch Point Rd has sewer system). Please address your petition to township your property is in, stating your name, address, if you are in favor of sewer system or not, and signing the petition. CLA is willing to channel all received communications and forward it to townships of locality. CLA officers are representing both townships – Canosia and Grand Lake and would work with residents no matter of their preference (for sewer or against). Please send you petitions to: Caribou Lake Association, PO BOX 15097, Duluth, MN 55811. This formal step is necessary if residents want any type of results. Consider responding no later than September 1st 2018.

  • I’m certain CLA is going to advocate a sewer system again. Our household does not support a sewer system. The proposal will again pit neighbors against each other.  We’ve had enough tax increases from the Proctor School District.

Not really. CLA is not interested in pitting neighbor against neighbor. CLA is not supporting any interest group for the sake of another. Amongst CLA members are property owners who have installed new on-site sewer systems in order to build a dwelling as well as those whose only hope is the centralized sewer as they cannot improve their property otherwise. CLA is willing to channel communication to the local governments. Please refer to the answer on previous suggestion above for details.

  • We all need compliant sewer systems.

CLA has no legal authority to reinforce sewer system compliance.Please contact the St. Louis County Health Department if you have a particular concern.

  • Would be nice if we could do on-line payments in the future.

It is an excellent idea for the future, if CLA can afford it. In order to accept online payments CLA needs to retain financial company services, specializing in this field. It might cost potentially a few hundred dollars a year. CLA needs to research different opportunities for the next year, prior to making a decision, if any.

  • DOG ISSUES – dogs not kept on owners property and roaming, will not leave, constant barking, can’t even enjoy your own property at times, many days lately. Have to clean up poop. Dragging rocks out of the water and leaving them on lawns.

Minnesota statues paragraph 365.10 subd. 13 –  “Control dogs, cats. The electors may let the town board pass an ordinance for licensing dogs and cats and regulating their presence, keeping, and running at large in the town.” Please contact your township board to pass an ordinance or reinforce an existing one.

  • Set a spring weekend and fall weekend to pick up trash in the lake and on the roads. Send photos of the accumulated trash to CLA Facebook page.

CLA will attempt to schedule this year fall weekend clean-up efforts, utilizing Sign-Up Genius tool through our website. However we will need volunteers and quite a few. Success depends on number of people willing to take care of our lake and surrounding roads.

  • Establish more representation on social media (open accounts on Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) to attract a younger population on the lake.

Wonderful idea. Snapchat probably would not work out, but Twitter and Instagram are good possibilities. CLA will see what can be done yet this year.

  • Stocking walleyes seems like a waste of money. This is a eutrophic lake not capable of great walleye habitat. Stocking muskies would provide the lake with a great game fish and might even improve the population of pan fish by reducing the smaller fish.

It seems Department of Natural Resources is deciding which fish to stock. CLA will redirect this suggestion to DNR.

  • Thank you for the updated sign on Industrial, it looks great, we appreciate your efforts.

A lot of work and passion was put in a project of sign update. Many thanks to Manns and Charnes families, taking time and working so hard to make it happen. CLA needs artistically inclined volunteers, who could help restore a picture at the top of the sign. Please consider helping CLA in this endeavor.

  • Thanks for everyone’s hard work at CLA. I am forever appreciative. My main concern is to keep this lake healthy.
  • We also appreciate the opportunity to offer suggestions. With the influx of new families it is important to pursue and maintain the environment. New development isn’t always better unless everyone considers and appreciates nature. It seems as though large homes are being allowed on very small lake lots, no easy solution, but it causes us “old timers” a huge headache. Again, thanks for all you do!
  • Thank you all for doing a great job. It’s appreciated.
  • Thank you for all you do! Please continue to focus on increasing pressure to update septic systems and reduce weeds in the lake.

CLA thanks you for appreciation of its efforts, support and ongoing concern. We do need more volunteers passionate about nature and maintaining lake well being. Hopefully it is a beginning of new era, when more people come together to form a truly dedicated team.