Caribou Lake Enthusiasts – Maximize Your Impact!

Caribou Lake enthusiasts and Amazon patrons, you can make a difference for our lake while you shop by using linked to the Caribou Lake Association Inc. charity. I know that my Amazon ordering has increased during these uncertain pandemic times and it is a good time to remind everyone to use to support our lake.

For those that have linked their Amazon account to Caribou Lake Association Inc. through the AmazonSmile program, Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to our lake. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon – same products, same services, and same prices with an added benefit of GIVING BACK to our lake for your shopping efforts.

I find it is difficult to remember to use versus my standard Amazon browser, so I did some research to make this easier. The following list will automatically redirect you or link to the corresponding page (versus standard so you will not need to remember to go to first.

1) For PC users running Google Chrome, there is an application called Amazon Smile Redirect that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store with over 10,000 users and greater than 4.5 stars to redirect to the corresponding AmazonSmile page.

2) For Mac users running Safari, there is an application called SmileAllDay in the App Store with over 4.0 stars to intelligently redirect to AmazonSmile as appropriate.

3) For Amazon mobile application users, AmazonSmile is NOT automatically connected to your charity; however, there is an easy setting change that defaults to automatically connect your charity when you checkout. Below are the setting change steps:

  • Open Amazon mobile application
  • Find the three lines on the bottom right to expand options
  • Click settings
  • Click AmazonSmile (you will see it is not defaulted to automatically connect to your smile account)
  • Change the slide button to yes to link your purchases to your AmazonSmile charity.

4) Note, I believe there is also a Firefox AmazonSmile redirect option but could not find anything that seemed current and don’t have the ability to test without a loaded device and browser combination. Please comment if you find anything for this or another browser.

As of August 2020, Caribou Lake Association has received $66.38 from 10 generous AmazonSmile patrons – thank you for your support! Let’s see if these tips can help us all remember to give back to our lake and see what we can do in the next few months to have AmazonSmile support the lake we all love.

Happy shopping!



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