Eco Harvester update.

Newly purchased Eco Harvester arrived at our lake on 5/29/19. Two hour training session for hired operators has been provided on the same day.

Eco Harvester was put in operation on 6/10/19 in compliance with DNR granted permit. Shortly after it developed a leak in hydraulics system. To fix a leak a certain part has been ordered and shipped to the company in Hill City, MN, where our new harvester was going to be repaired. There is a company in that city, which specializes in hydraulics repairs. To make matters more complicated CLA had to get a permit from the DNR to take it on the roads with weeds on it. Then after it got fixed the DNR was bringing a high pressure washer to clean it in order to transport it back weeds free. Both, our president Tom Marchand and weed harvester committee chair Jeff Charnes, spent endless hours of work to put our harvester back in operation. Many great thanks to them!

We have two young dedicated operators and third very experienced operator as an additional back-up in time of need. Two people expressed desire to run Eco Harvester as volunteers on as needed basis.

As it was announced at the Annual CLA Meeting on 6/1/19 plans were put in motion to run the harvester 60 hours a week, starting 6/10/19. The harvester has been in operation for the total of 35.5 hours versa planned 180 hours for the period 6/10/19-6/30/19. Inability to meet a planned goal is a result of unforeseen circumstances as hydraulics leak and repairs, problematic weather. As a safety concern Eco Harvester could not be operated during thunderstorm, rain and strong wind.

For those, who are wondering about cutting area maps, please click on the tab “Useful info” and there is a link to follow up with the maps attached.

CLA acquired a GPS unit for new harvester, it is in the process of installation. So far it is not possible to track with a smartphone app for interested residents duration, direction and dates Eco Harvester has been in operation. Only operator himself would be bale to do as soon as GPS installation on the harvester will be completed. However, there is perhaps a possibility in the future to make it happen, in a year or two.

Please, remember that it is our first year with new harvester in operation and no matter how much we want everything to be done at once, it never works this way. Please, have a faith in your lake association, become a member and consider volunteering in any capacity you can.

Our lake property owners proved once again that we could achieve a lot if we put our hearts and minds together. Only united, as a team of like minded individuals, we can make our beloved lake healthier, cleaner and enjoy it for the years to come. Membership at CLA is an answer!

As soon as further updates will be available they will be posted on website.

P.S. As of today 45 hours are metered on Eco Harvester. Way to go!

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