Upcoming CLA Meeting & Proposed By-Law Updates

It is hard to believe the spring season is upon us with the several inches of snow this morning, but we are busy preparing for the upcoming meeting and want to make sure our residents and members are aware of the upcoming meeting planned for Saturday, June 4, 2022 (8:30 – 10:30am) at the old Caribou Lake School (Richard Barlage Sheet Metal Apprentice School). The address is 6279 Industrial Road – Saginaw, MN 55779.

One of the items we would like to vote on are the proposed Caribou Lake Association By-Law changes to bring us current from the original 1982 By-Laws currently in place. For your review are a retyped original and a proposed version that includes the tracked changes.

If there are any other items you wish to get on the agenda please email Cory Garden cgarden@cariboulake.org or Carrie Romundstad cromundstad@cariboulake.org.

See you at the meeting Caribou Lake Friends & Neighbors!

By-laws (Original 1982)
Proposed (2022 Meeting Voting)

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