Weed Harvester Update

Caribou Lake friends and neighbors, thank you for your continued patience as we work to get the harvester operational. While it is still not fixed, Cory Garden now has the Manufacturer, Dealer/Servicer, and a Designer talking. It has been an uphill battle to get to this point and many frustrating phone calls. Cory has been sure to let them all know of our frustration as a membership, dissatisfaction with this machine’s reliability, and sheer disappointment with their customer service. (I am wording that nicely – I don’t think the calls went down so diplomatically!) Cory even did background research with other lake associations that have this harvester to ensure the manufacturer/dealer/servicer/designer know that we are aware of many other organization’s problems with this unit and similar operational issues to what we are seeing. We let them know that we are obviously not happy and that if they aren’t urgently addressing this next week we will be bringing this back to them and may need to pursue legal action if we can’t get support for something so new with so many issues. Wish there was better news, but we continue to push. We will continue to update until this is resolved.

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