Weed Harvester Update

We were hoping for the weed harvester to be done with its hydraulic repair on Friday, and returned to service, but it is not complete yet. The shop has all the pressure and torque specs they need and we believe we will have the harvester in service very soon. The operators are ready to go and the weeds are growing so we want to start ASAP!

We did contact the DNR about the possibility of changing our permit dates to allow for extra time on the end of our 88 day permit and they said to contact them at the end of August. If we have a hot summer and the weeds are still growing/not dying off, there is a way to do this but they want to make sure it makes sense based on how the end of the season looks.


We will do another post next week with an update as we know more on the harvester repair, or hopefully a return to service milestone!

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