Rolling Thunder

An approaching lightning storm made for quit a spectacular light show last night.
This picture was taken as the storm reflected the incredible beauty of nature and the handiwork of God onto the calm waters of Caribou Lake.




3 thoughts on “Rolling Thunder

  1. Magnificent!! Who is the photographer?? Certainly shows Caribou in one of its many incredible moods–sky so dynamic, lake so serene.
    Sure enjoyed Denny O’Hara’s presentation last week. Loved the Caribou Lk. pics as well as all the shots of Duluth and up and down the shore! AND the photo drone was a fascinating demo!!!! Can honestly say we’ve never seen anything like it. The future is here!! Bought 3 of his “Picture Duluth” books for 3 Norwegian cousins who have visited Duluth. Perfect Christmas gifts. They will love the photos!!…and will remind them of us.

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