Weed Cutting – 2017

*** Update *** 2017 Weed cutting year started on July 9.

Our permit to cut weeds has been renewed for the 2017 season. We are using a hired help through temporary employment agency. Weed cutting is going full steam! Weeds  has been cut on July 9,16,23,30 with total 46 work hours. Our weed cutting area is 277 acres, which is slightly more that a half of Caribou Lake size.

Our weed harvester’s summer home is at the end of Birch Point Road. We are only allowed to cut through the end of August. If you would like to learn to drive the cutter and help by volunteering some time, please contact tmarchand(at)CaribouLake.org or leave a reply to this post.

CLA Receives State Grant

The Caribou Lake Association has received a substantial grant from the State of Minnesota to fund boat inspections at both the Birch Point and Industrial Road Public Launches.  The purpose of these inspections will be to assist boaters in compliance with state invasive species control regulations.  Boats will be inspected before launch and after they have again been pulled out.  Your cooperation with the inspection program is most appreciated and will go a long way to help prevent the spread of destructive plants and animal material to and from other lakes.  For more information, please contact us at ‘Our Association/Contact Us’ on the home page.



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