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Help Wanted!

Caribou Lake Association is hiring part-time, temporary weed harvester operator for summer of 2019. Pay is $15-18/hour. Great summer job for student, retiree or anyone looking to keep Caribou Lake navigable for recreational watercraft. Training will be provided.

Job Duties Include: Operate new Eco Weed Harvester, ability to follow GPS harvesting map, off load weeds with conveyor, work with weed disposal hauler and coordinator, have mechanical knowledge with motors and equipment, able to adapt to wind and other weather conditions.

Requirements: Age: 18 years old (by June 1st) or older, boat handling experience.

Personal qualities: reliable, responsible, task oriented.

Physical endurance: Be on the lake for up to 8 hours each day.

Must own or have access to a cell phone.

Work Schedule:

Temporary position runs June 10th-September 1st. Up to 40 hours per week; flexible schedule. This could be a shared position with another trained operator.

Submit resumes via email by May 25, 2019 to tmarcha@msn.com.

Contact Caribou Lake Association President Tom Marchand with any questions: (218)728-4549 or tmarcha@msn.com

Spring is here!

After long and brutal Winter it is nice to see open waters and nature awakening.

A pair of beautiful swans recently graced our lake with their presence.

Loons, ducks, blackbirds and other creatures – all celebrating arrival of Spring!

Serene beauty of Caribou Lake takes your breath away.

There would be many wonderful things happening these Spring and Summer, improving an overall health of our lake. Stay tuned for more info to come!


Happy Thankgiving to All!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Caribou Lake Property owners!

This season we bring our thanks to all Caribou Lake property owners and especially to those wonderful people around the lake, who pledged and donated funds to pay for new Eco Harvester. We are amazed with unity and goodwill so many neighbors displayed; we have amazing and generous folks, who hold dear the wellbeing of our lake and surrounding beauty. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Though it is technically Autumn, but it feels more like Winter and with temperatures well below seasonal it is rather difficult to update sign on Midway and Industrial roads intersection. We received $92,510.00 in pledges and $78,360.00 in funds.

PLEASE, PLEASE consider contributing as new Eco Harvester will be hard at work all season long; weed harvesting season will start on June 1st 2019 and end on Labor Day.

Let us be thankful for everything we have achieved and for unprecedented  unity of Caribou Lake Property owners, who truly made a history yet again! THANK YOU!

Weed Harvester Committee.







Weed Harvester Fundaiser Update

Our thermometer at the Industrial Rd and Midway intersection reached a desirable “temperature” – 81,600.00 in pledges on 9/20/18. While this number is impressive, we will need pledges to come from remaining 99 lake property owners. Details will be discussed at the meeting on 10/6/18 at 9:30 AM (Pike Lake community church). Capital equipment saving account is open and funds are coming in. PLEASE, PLEASE confirm your pledges with monetary donations! We need to secure our new weed harvester as soon as possible with a prompt payment by the end of October. Our lake health and property values are at stake without it! Many GREAT THANKS to awesome lake families who have already pledged and/or donated funds as well.

ECO Weed Harvester on Caribou Lake

At our annual meeting in June we discussed replacing our present 40 year old weed cutter with the Eco Weed Harvester that pulls weeds up by the roots. The August CLA newsletter asked our owners how we can raise the funds to obtain this new, more effective weed harvester.

A group of Caribou Lake property owners who are concerned about the increasingly thick weeds in the lake, and the damaging effects on our property values, approached the CLA Board in August with a proposal to raise the funds for a new weed harvester.
Five families from this group of Caribou Lake owners have pledged to give $5,000 each, and 15 more families have pledged to give $1,000 each.
Our Caribou Lake neighbors have already pledged $40,000! This is amazing! They are asking the rest of us who love Caribou Lake to match their pledges toward our goal to keep Caribou from becoming even more clogged with weeds. Their contributions are contingent on the rest of the owners around the lake contributing the rest of the funding.

The Eco Harvester we would like to purchase pulls weeds up from the roots, harvesting them to be recycled and reused as mulch. It’s an environmentally friendly way to harvest aquatic plants and the only harvester that works in this manner. All other aquatic weed harvesters cut the weeds. It is manufactured in Wisconsin and sold by Weeders Digest in New Hope, Minnesota. Two of our CLA members observed the Eco Weed Harvester in operation on Bass Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota and were impressed with how it was built and how well it worked.

Information about the Eco Harvester and videos of the harvester in operation can be viewed at: https://weedersdigest.com/eco-cutter-aquatic-weed-harvester/

We are asking YOU, our property owners to help us financially by pledging toward the project. Everyone on the lake has an interest in this and should contribute however much is reasonable for you. The important thing is to make it to $75,000. Please help us reach that goal during September.
Send your pledge form, or contact us at weedharvester@cariboulake.org

Again this summer weeds have been a major and growing problem in the lake. It has been impossible to hire someone to run the weed cutter due to full employment. Our older volunteers cannot manually unload our present cutter, and it is costing more each year in maintenance. Cutting weeds is like cutting grass, the weeds just keep growing. Pulling the weeds by the roots will give us longer lasting control and reduce the muck accumulation.
Weeds threaten our property values. No one wants to buy lake property where it is unpleasant to swim, difficult to run a boat, have their legs caught in long slimy weeds, or pull in several feet of weeds on a fishing hook. CLA has received calls from realtors asking us what is being done about the weeds in the lake, unfortunately we have not had a good answer for them this year.
Manually unloading the old cutter takes a lot of time and effort. The Eco Harvester not only pulls the weeds, but has an unloading mechanism. Therefore, in addition to the person who is hired to regularly run the harvester, there are residents who will volunteer to operate it at other times. We will need places around the lake to unload weeds so time doesn’t have to be spent taking each load over to NERC. Weeds make good garden mulch.
We will need a qualified person/resident to maintain and store the harvester. Several people have volunteered for this job.

The 22,800 we have raised through sales and donations will help fund the operation for the first several years and intensify harvesting until the weeds are in better control.

Funding has started, already 20 people have pledged $40,000! These pledges are dependent on other people around the lake contributing the rest of the funding. This is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to control the weeds in the lake. It would be money well spent, everyone who owns property on Caribou Lake has made an investment, if we allow Caribou Lake to deteriorate, our property values will go down, and eventually Caribou will become a glorified swamp.

If enough pledges come in during September we will have an informational meeting on October 6 at Pike Lake Community Church on Martin Road, 9:30 am. We hope to have enough pledges so we can order the harvester, have it built over the winter, and be ready to operate on Caribou at the beginning of June.

Questions? Ask at: weedharvester@cariboulake.org
– The DNR cutting map for Caribou can be seen on our website under the heading, “Useful Info” at cariboulake.org.
– Watch the funding thermometer on the CLA sign on the corner of Midway and Industrial Roads to monitor our progress..

To make your pledge, please send your pledge form, or make your pledge at weedharvester@cariboulake.org

President– Tom Marchand, 218-728-4549, tmarcha@msn.com
Vice President– Jowain Wallin, 218-729-8033, jowain@cariboulake.org
Secretary– Mary Manns, 218-729-0281, mmmanns@cariboulake.org
Treasurer– Julia Mader, themaders07@msn.com
Caribou Lake Association
P.O. Box 15097
Duluth, MN 55811
Caribou on the web:


We are asking YOU, our property owners to help us financially by pledging toward the project.

Everyone on the lake has an interest in this and should contribute however much is reasonable for you. The important thing is to make it to $75,000. Please help us reach that goal during September.

_______________________ will pledge $______________ toward a new Eco Weed Harvester for Caribou Lake. This pledge is contingent on enough other pledges to purchase the Eco Harvester for next summer.

Date__________________         Send this from to: CLA, PO BOX 15097, Duluth,       MN, 55811 or email at: weedharvester@cariboulake.org

Passive donations while shopping

Caribou Lake Association has been registered as a charity for those who shop at Amazon and would like to support association while shopping.

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice.

Shoppers will have to go to the: smile.amazon.com in order for CLA to benefit from the purchases. Shoppers would not need to register/open new Amazon account if they have existing one, all they need to do to start their shopping at smile.amazon.com.

In order to select CLA as a designated charity, please use our unique charity link:


Remember, if you want Amazon to donate to Caribou Lake Association Inc, you need to start each shopping session at the URL http://smile.amazon.com, and we will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases.

Thank you for supporting Caribou Lake Association!