Newspaper Clippings

Caribou Lake has been an attraction for many years. Some of these articles are really hard to read, probably from multiple copying. We will add more articles like these in the future.  I have seen some interesting articles about farming at Caribou Lake. If you have an old article about Caribou Lake, e-mail it to the • Here you will find an advertisement for stagecoach rides to Pike Lake and Caribou Lake (1896). Stage Coach Service •  An article about summer cottage “colonists” .  Would you like your visits printed in the paper? I remember living in a small town and having visits recorded in the “Locals” column. (1917)  Colonists • An advertisement for Lake lots.  I think many of us have “Caribou Lake Tracts” and a lot number in the location part of our deeds yet today. This is where our 50’ lots came from.  Like the telephone numbers? (1922)   Caribou Lake Cabin Sites   See also Caribou Lake Tract Map 
Another interesting article recently found CLA formation

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