Legislate update from MLR

Caribou Lake association is a member of broader MN Lakes and Rivers Advocates organization. On 6/6/19 MLR delivered not only good news, but excellent results as well!

With help of members like CLA lake advocates generated over 10,000 direct constituent communications with legislators on behalf of lake issues.

The Legislature passed and Gov. Walz signed into law:

  • A $5.60 increase in the AIS surcharge on a three year boat registration restoring funding for DNR AIS programs and lake association AIS grants,
  • Convince the legislature to rebate the sales taxes on the chemicals lake associations use to treat AIS,
  • Reduce the State General Tax on cabin properties about 6%. This state property tax applies to cabin properties only and provides no revenue to local governments,
  • Fund the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center – science is our best hope for preventing the spread of AIS and more effectively treating already infested lakes.

For more information visit: www.mnlakesandrivers.org


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