The annual June meeting will be Saturday, June 1 at the Old Caribou Lake School (now the Sheet Metal Workers Academy) at the intersection of Industrial Road and Munger Shaw Roads. Come for coffee, juice and pastries at 9:30, the meeting will start at 10.

Please join the Caribou Lake Association.  Last year we had 84 member families out of a total of 160 owners on the lake. We need to work together to protect and preserve our lake’s ecosystem, advocate for responsible recreational activities, and enhance the relationships among lakeshore owners. We are all responsible for protecting our lake in order to pass on to future generations the beauty, wildlife, water and natural resources we enjoy today.

Items on the agenda for the business meeting will include an update on the new weed harvester and plans for weed harvesting, AIS inspection and prevention for Caribou, election of officers, and program plans for the summer.

Following the business meeting we will go over to the boat launch and the public beach on Birch Point Road to see the new weed harvester. Our permit does not allow harvesting until June 10, but we can show it and explain to members how it works. Weather  permitting, we will grill hot dogs and have other treats for lunch.

We hope to see you there next Saturday!

Spring is here!

After long and brutal Winter it is nice to see open waters and nature awakening.

A pair of beautiful swans recently graced our lake with their presence.

Loons, ducks, blackbirds and other creatures – all celebrating arrival of Spring!

Serene beauty of Caribou Lake takes your breath away.

There would be many wonderful things happening these Spring and Summer, improving an overall health of our lake. Stay tuned for more info to come!


Happy Thankgiving to All!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Caribou Lake Property owners!

This season we bring our thanks to all Caribou Lake property owners and especially to those wonderful people around the lake, who pledged and donated funds to pay for new Eco Harvester. We are amazed with unity and goodwill so many neighbors displayed; we have amazing and generous folks, who hold dear the wellbeing of our lake and surrounding beauty. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Though it is technically Autumn, but it feels more like Winter and with temperatures well below seasonal it is rather difficult to update sign on Midway and Industrial roads intersection. We received $92,510.00 in pledges and $78,360.00 in funds.

PLEASE, PLEASE consider contributing as new Eco Harvester will be hard at work all season long; weed harvesting season will start on June 1st 2019 and end on Labor Day.

Let us be thankful for everything we have achieved and for unprecedented  unity of Caribou Lake Property owners, who truly made a history yet again! THANK YOU!

Weed Harvester Committee.







Weed Harvester Fundaiser Update

Our thermometer at the Industrial Rd and Midway intersection reached a desirable “temperature” – 81,600.00 in pledges on 9/20/18. While this number is impressive, we will need pledges to come from remaining 99 lake property owners. Details will be discussed at the meeting on 10/6/18 at 9:30 AM (Pike Lake community church). Capital equipment saving account is open and funds are coming in. PLEASE, PLEASE confirm your pledges with monetary donations! We need to secure our new weed harvester as soon as possible with a prompt payment by the end of October. Our lake health and property values are at stake without it! Many GREAT THANKS to awesome lake families who have already pledged and/or donated funds as well.